Enterprise Architecture

Many companies can gather small amounts of data. Fewer companies can gather data and make it available for use. Still fewer companies have a holistic approach to storage and analysis.

Bell Tracy takes data sampling, storage, analysis, and visualization to a higher level with a turnkey server solution. Hundreds of millions of samples and sub-second response time. Isn't that what you are looking for?

Firmware Engineering

Our expertise in the family of ARM core processors goes beyond just getting it working. We design both the hardware and firmware to work together in the most cost effective and reliable package possible. Where most companies design just hardware or just software, Bell Tracy treats the product as one cohesive design.

Technical Expertise

Are you still searching for a partner to deliver a solution to a seemingly impossible problem?

Choosing Bell Tracy as your technical partner for your toughest problems, you are selecting a partner that will rigorously consider all of the technical details.

Bell Tracy specializes in solving problems that require both hardware and software components. Often times, a customer requires two solution partners and then has to get them to work together. Since Bell Tracy handles all hardware and software aspects of the project, the customer can rely on the solution working perfectly on the first day of delivery.