Billboard Monitoring

How many times do you drive at night past a billboard that has burned out light bulbs or just isn't on? The Bell Tracy illumination monitoring system solves that problem by combining an ultra precise digital contractor with a wireless current monitor to notify the customer of problems.

The solution doesn't stop there. The current monitor is so precise, we can actually predict when the bulbs will burn out. The turnkey server has fully configurable alerting and alarming. Oh, and we throw in a monthly PDF report for good measure.

Mobile GPS

In the age of mobile devices, pretty much anyone can gather up timestamps, latitude, and longitude and send it off somewhere.

Bell Tracy takes Mobile GPS Sampling to a new level by using very cool software to perform route analysis on the device, compress the data, and send it back to a GIS enabled server. This data is valuable for so many projects. Imagine overlaying your data on top of it to generate even more exceptional value.

Uncompromising Innovation

Bell Tracy takes great pride in fully integrated hardware and software solutions. Our Renewable Energy Monitoring solution can do things that other companies just dream about. For one customer, we're storing 500 million (yes, million) records and still producing sub-second response time on year-to-date aggregations.

We believe that even the simplest data sampling project deserves world class analysis and sexy visualization. Ok, that was easy to say, but is it really possible? Give us a call.

Don't forget to ask to see our cool Android app. Don't you want to show your data to your future client at lunch?

Renewable Energy Monitoring

Data isn't good enough. Companies need information to make renewable energy investment decisions. Just sampling kilowatt hours, or current, or voltage seems like a good idea until the data doesn't tell you what you wanted to know.

Bell Tracy's analysis server takes on all of the sampling, storage, analysis, unit conversion, calculation, and display challenges with ease. Oh, and we report on our own analysis performance. Or you can get it in real time.